Soraia Zaied


Soraia Zaied is a superstar of Raqs Sharqi and Middle Eastern folklore, currently residing and working in Cairo, Egypt. Since her move from her native Brazil in 2001, she has dominated the Cairo nightlife scene with her art and has revolutionized the oriental dance scene with her unique movements and technique. With a dance background spanning 35 years - over 25 of those years inthe world of Middle Eastern dance and folklore - it is no wonder why she is a favorite and highly sought-after performer and instructor amongst Raqs Sharqi dancers, fans, and enthusiastsaround the world.

Soraia’s introduction into the world of Middle Eastern dance and music comes at the age of sixteen when she is scouted by a Brazilian association dedicated to Egyptian arts and culture and begins training and working as a professional Egyptian folklore dancer. She performs these traditional dances for majorcultural festivals, celebrations, and international events, all under the guidance of this association. At the age of eighteen, she began working as a professional belly dancer and soloist in a Lebanese restaurant in Sao Paolo and for the next several years, Soraiaestablishes herself as a figurehead in the Brazilian Middle Eastern dance and folklore community. Despite all she accomplishes in her native country, she yearns for more, and in 2001, shemoves toEgypt and immediately becomes a forceon the Cairo Raqs Sharqi scene, gaining respectand recognition amongst her audiences and peers.

Currently, Soraia performs twice a night, everynight, at two of the most prestigious hotels inCairo - the Inter Continental City Stars Hotel andthe Fairmont Nile City Hotel. As the only dancerin Cairo who holds contracts with two five-starproperties simultaneously, she must reinventherself and add new elements into all aspects ofher performances to maintain a fresh andvibrantshow for herself and her audience members. A fewthings that will remain ever present in all herwork - her signature style of interpretation, the incorporation of Brazilian components inher tabla solos, and all those mesmerizing shimmies that are her creations and gifts to this dance.

Because of her distinctive style, major accomplishments, and huge internationalfollowing, Soraia Zaied is one of the most important Raqs Sharqi artists of our time. Shehas traveled extensively across five continents to teach and perform, and has been a topheadliner for some of the world’s largest and most renowned festivals of oriental dance.She continues to inspire many dancers and younger generations of belly dancers bybringing her joy, technique, and charm of Raqs Sharqi to her students, fans, and audiencesworldwide.