Randa Kamel

Randa Kamel is an Egyptian born star has been dancing for most of her life, she started her dance carrier with the Rada Troup, and with a deep desire for Oriental Dance, Randa gave all her time to perfect her skill and dedicated every waken moment to spread the dance around the world as a solo dancer. Traveling almost every week to a different part of the world, Randa is considered one of the most sought-after instructor/performer today, as more and more students attempt to infuse their own movement with her unique interpretation.

Her electrifying mix of dynamic moves, strong technique, drama and sheer passion has audience after audience enthralled, her signature dancing style is powerful, charismatic and sensual at the same time. Randa’s workshops and shows are always sold out; she has her own band that she worked with for 20 years. Master Instructor in every Egyptian style, whether it is cabaret, Baladi, Saaidi, or any other style, students are sure to receive the valuable knowledge they sought.

Randa has produced several music CDs and dance DVDs, she is also the producer of Raqs of Course, Dance Festival in Cairo Egypt where hundreds of students and attendees from all over the world flock to every year. www.Raqsofcourse.com