Mohamed Kazafy

Has been dancing with theworld famous Reda troupe of Egypt for 23 years.After initially training with the troupe's founderMahmoud Reda, & The legendary principle female dancer Farida Fahmy, he went on to perform with the Reda Troupe in dozens of countriesworldwide. Until now, Mohamed remains one of their principal soloists. For over a decade now, he is travelling all over the world as choreographer, teaching and performing as well as judging many international competitions in the dance. Mohamed specializes in Egyptian folklore and oriental dance. With his love of Folklore dance, he started and created several folklore dance groups in many countries, Mohames's group Greece, Mohames's group Italy, Mohames's group Peru.... And more, spreading his knowledge not only teaching workshops but also feeding and nourishing his groups knowledge so they can be true representations of true, untainted folklore dance, carrying his torch all over the world.

Mohamed, stays true to the art and takes it very seriously, in his class students know that they are there to learn and not to pass time, with a very firm attitude and full respect to his art, Mohamed teaches the art in its purest form and as authentic as it can possible be, he passes on his rich knowledge withthe utmost care and love