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Under this Professional Dance competition you are allowed to dance to only one of these three styles, Oriental (Modern or Classic), Shaabi, or Baladi, these three styles are not separate categories. Our judges will judge you based on your own interpretation of the style you picked against the other dance with the style they picked.


Rules and Regulations:


1. Eligibility:

• Participant must have signed to partake in a Full or 1⁄2 package at the festival
• Must have less than 5 years or experience in Oriental Dance.

2. Requirements:

• This is a solo based competition.

• Provide the organizers: of your “Legal “ and “stage” names.

• For the first round provide the organizers with your song in MP3 format via email to info@nycairo.com. For the finalists the second round will be to live music. All details will be listed on the web site.

• Provide the organizers with the your bio; bios must not exceed 50 words.
• Participants agree to the Release. Liability & Waiver posted under Terms and Conditions on the website.
• Participants under the age of 18 must have this form filled and submitted by their parents or guardian authorizing their participation.
• Participants must provide valid photo identification upon arrival.
• Participant must attend Full or 1/2 Package workshops in order to participate in this competition.

3. General Conduct:

• Participants must wear a proper dance garment, including under garment.
• Participants must use cover-up before and after the competition.
• Refrain from discussing the competition results with the judges, all rulings are final.

Contestants will conduct themselves at all times in a positive and professional manner. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any contestant whose behavior is intrusive or disruptive to other contestants, the judges or the audience.

Contestants agree to abide by all rules & procedures and accept the judging results as final.


I, fully understand that by submitting this form, I acknowledge and agree that I’m entering in a Professional Dance competition hosted by NYCairo Raks Festival, and that I agree to adhere to all guidelines, rules and regulation posted on the Organizers Website and this form.